Empowering ambitious women

Designed with powerful female leaders in mind, The Elevator Retreat creates a curated, highly strategic and result focussed space specifically for high output, ambitious business women.

Join the other ambitious female leaders who have already worked with us in scaling their business by millions, with some growing now as big as £80 million in annual turnover.

The Elevator Retreat combats the hustle and burnout of scaling by creating a powerful, behaviourally driven, highly-strategic 2 day program that focuses on tangible results. Our relatable leadership coaching will help unlock your hidden potential, create sound operational standards, compel motivation long-term, gain clarity around decision making goals and propel your business forward faster than ever before.

Over 2 days, we will help you develop both short and long term strategies that align with your vision in order to get you where you want to go. Our coaching style, and carefully constructed experience, provides a safe haven for introspection on current work patterns, circumstances, possibilities and limitations so you can move forward with greater clarity on exactly how to progress, and reach the scale up goals you dream of.

Scaled to Multi 7 Figures

We worked with this female CEO of a film & media business with the goal of scaling her business to multi 7 figures. Prior to working with us, the business didn’t have a clear plan for growth, or a business structure to support true scale. Add to this she felt completely overwhelmed and burned out with it all.

We helped her in resetting her ambitions for the business, streamlined the actions that would have the biggest growth impact, creating a highly detailed 90 day “mini plan” of core priorities that quickly drove scale on a whole new level.

Our Experience

Directors of Duo Global Consulting, Laura & Sarah work consultatively day to day with growing businesses and senior leaders across organisations as large as HSBC to growing SMEs in industries like technology, professional services and construction.

In addition to having experience scaling their own businesses, and helping their clients scale to the tune of hundreds of millions in revenue, Laura & Sarah are qualified behavioural change experts.

This sets them apart from other business coaches, and means that in addition to sharing actionable scale up tools, they know on a deep level what humans need to be able to drive sustained change, which is what is demanded to truly uplevel from running a successful business, to a massively successful multi 7 or 8 figure one.

From a change in mindset – to go from finding something scary and overwhelming to exciting and motivating, or to go from a small vision to a big one; to a change in day to day behaviours that drive significant growth; they know what female leaders need from a behavioural standpoint to scale a really successful business, without losing themselves and burning out in the process.

Home Laura

Laura Weaving


Prior to founding Duo & then going on to build The Elevator Retreats, Laura set up and led several other high growth businesses, both in the UK and internationally, providing her with real insight into the complexities of scaling, and all the people, processes and infrastructure needed to succeed.

Layer into this life changing behavioural training in 2017, and it completely changed how both she worked in her own business, and with clients.

Add to this an ongoing leadership non-exec role within a highly ambitious US Construction company who have grown over the last few years to over $85 million in annual revenue, she has first hand knowledge of both the behavioural, strategic and tactical elements to really scale a high performing team and business.

Home Sarah

Sarah Callender


After undertaking the same behavioural training as Laura, the year before in 2016, Sarah knew the application of it in scaling businesses and creating high performing teams would be game changing – spearheading a move to Duo, and co-creation of The Elevator Retreats.

Prior to joining Duo, Sarah was a business advisor for over 8 years before co-founding a company driving investment decisions in other businesses and building highly successful teams.

She has extensive knowledge of leading and coaching high growth leadership teams through significant scale and now works day to day with scaling businesses, some more than doubling in the multi-millions year on year. Sarah deeply understands the human behaviours, and scale up tools needed to succeed at the highest levels.

8 to 80 Million

We helped this female CEO 10x her business from 8 to 80 million in annual revenue. Although a big business already, at 8 million she had no management team, a lack of operational processes and no clear vision for how to continue to grow.

We helped her to create an ambitious, but simple, 1 & 3 year plan; a reporting structure; people and resources plan; to business scorecards and meeting cadences that solve issues as they arise; to a full leadership team and management structure. All of this has not only supported her in growing to 80 million, but also being able to take plenty of time out of the business, where things still run smoothly without her.