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We have pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions about the elevator, but if you still want to talk to us you can reach out to our team below.

  • Who is The Retreat for?

    The Retreat is designed specifically for ambitious female CEOs and/or female founders, who have already scaled a 7 figure business, and are looking to continue to scale to multi 7 or 8 figures.

  • I am not a CEO, is The Retreat for me?

    If you aren't running a business - that could be as a Founder, Managing Director, or as CEO, then this probably isn't the right retreat for you as we will be making high level decisions about the growth of each person's business so it is important that all the women in the room have similar decision making capability and growth aspirations.

  • What will I get from The Retreat?

    Over 2 days, we will...

    ✔️Coach you through future proofing your vision - whether that is making it even bigger than it currently is, or adding more context, detail and planning around the big vision you already have.

    ​✔️Help you figure out your zones of genius and behavioural strengths so you can get more done, in less time.

    ​✔️Look tactically at what is working, and not working in your business - from your team to your reporting, to how you serve your clients, to your products and services, to the full structure of your business.

    ✔️​Create a completely dialled in vision for the next 1-3 years, that allows you to scale without burning out, and an immediately actionable plan to start executing in the 90 days following the retreat.

  • How much is The Retreat?

    Joining The Elevator Retreat will cost you £2,450 + VAT.

  • Who else will be on The Retreat?

    The Retreat is an intentionally designed, carefully put together group of ambitious women, with similar level aspirations, who are all hand selected to ensure that everyone is the room is able to gain as much from each other, as from the learning.

  • How do I book on The Retreat?

    The Retreat is intentionally designed to be a private, carefully put together group of ambitious women so we need to make sure you’re the right fit and will equally contribute to the experience we are creating, together. So we will ask you answer a few questions about yourself, your business and ambitions, and then we can give you an honest assessment of whether or not we feel this is the right next step for you.
    Then, if we seem aligned after your application, we’ll schedule a call with you to discuss booking.
    Reach out to us to request an application.

  • Who will be delivering The Retreat?

    The Retreat will be delivered by behavioural experts Laura and Sarah who have helped hundreds of women add millions in revenue to their business, without burning out, or sacrificing everything else in their lives.

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